RARE RED Wurlitzer OMT CD with iPod Docking

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Telephone 01252 819321

100 CD Capacity & iPod docking and background music feature

This machine is actually a few years old, but is for sale here in pristine factory condition hardly ever been used.

This would have been a special order, opting for a superb gloss red finish and an iPod docking tray, which slides back into the jukebox when not in use.

With a visible mechanism, you can program in 100's of individual tracks - then watch the CD loaded onto the laser assembly through the window. The CD selection will take president over any iPod tunes being played.

Two massive 12" bass speakers and an array of tweeters give a fantastic mellow sound, powered by the tried and tested K99 internal amplifier.

Selections can be made via the front panel, or the remote control supplied.

Because this machine is used in commercial premises, they do come with a coin mechanism as standard, but this can be over-ridden to set the machine on Free play.